Pastor’s Desk

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ…”
Romans 1:16

Bible Overviews Studies:

The Bible Story – Overview of the Biblical Story

Minor Prophets – Overview of the Minor Prophets

King’s Overview –  Overview Timeline of Kings of Israel

Doctrinal Studies:

Sin and the Consequence of Sin – A study to define what sin is and its consequence

The Covenant – A study of the covenants in the Bible

Local Church Illustration – Modern views of the construction of the church

Local Church – A Study of the church as a local body of Christ with specific responsibilities to each other

The Elect – A study of the term ‘elect’ or ‘foreordained’

Circumcision, Baptism and the Holy SpiritA study of the signs of God’s covenants

The Mystery – A study of what Paul called the ‘Mystery’

Scriptural Baptism – A study of ‘baptism’ as defined in scripture

The Kingdom – A study of the promise of God’s Kingdom

Resurrection – A study of the concept of Resurrection

Post-Biblical Studies:

First Generation Leaders – Familiarization of the acts of the Apostles and Jesus’ Family

Anti-Nicene Fathers – Familiarization of the writings of the early church fathers

Escatology, End-Times:

Jewish Feasts – Familiarization of the Jewish Feasts and their prophetic implication to God’s time table

Book of Joshua – A study of the book of Joshua as prophecy of End-Times and why Jews were looking for a conquering king.

Study of God – A study of the image of God shown in scripture to recognize it in Revelation

Road Map to Revelation – An illustration to the construction of Revelation


Biblical History, Rewriting

Cell Phones: Dangers of Cell Phones

Christianity is Dying

Depravity of Man